Induna Training has partnered with adult education specialists Media Works to provide online training for those looking to become familiar with construction contracts in use in Africa. The course, which offers best-practice teaching in construction legalities and agreements, is available through Media Works’ dynamic iTuT Campus.

A construction project is never a simple business. Even if the best preparation and planning has been put in place things can (and often do) go wrong. Through Induna Training’s online course, individuals can now be trained in the primary construction contracts used in South Africa, as well as further across Africa.

Recognising the huge need for construction contract knowledge in Africa, Induna responded by creating quality training that bridges the increasing skills gap. In the ever-changing, and evolving, built environment industry, Induna provides exceptional construction contract training interventions so that construction professionals, and businesses, can keep ahead.

An endorsement of the quality and competency of Induna Training is its association with FIDIC as an Affiliate Member. FIDIC is an international standards organisation for the consulting engineering and construction industry, and a benchmark for global construction ideals. Induna is proud to employ the only FIDIC-accredited trainer in South Africa.

“The construction industry is plagued by opportunists, and we recognised that there is a lack of accredited training. We evaluated the market and identified that there was a lack of accredited FIDIC training. We therefore set out to deliver high quality, specialised construction contract training in South Africa and Africa,” said Gillian McCausland, General Manager of Induna Training Services.

The Induna facilitators include registered professional engineers, quantity surveyors, consulting engineers and lawyers with specialist knowledge and experience in dispute resolution and claims management.

“Our lead trainer, Kevin Spence, as an example of the quality of our facilitators, has a wealth of experience. He is the only FIDIC accredited trainer in South Africa and has been appointed to the FIDIC President’s List,” McCausland continued.

Induna, through its partnership with Media Works, has delivered the course material in a digital, innovative way. Applying best practice e-learning standards, all those working in the built environment will have access to construction contracts training easily and effectively. Whether the individual is on site in a remote location, at home, on a flight or behind their desk, they will be able to access the training anytime, anywhere.

“We are excited to partner with Induna Training; their contract course material is relevant and of the highest quality. Engineers are busy people and their time is at a premium. By making the material available online and accessible through a mobile app, the engineer is able to learn at his or her convenience,” says Dennis Lamberti, the Development Director of Media Works.

The fast-paced construction industry is exposed to different contracts depending on which project they are working on. Through Induna Training’s online course material, those who are currently working in the built environment have the contract information that they need, at their fingertips.