In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world of work, employee education is vital if you want to keep your business ahead of the game. Induna Training outlines why quality online learning is an ideal way to upskill your workforce.







Through a computer, laptop or mobile device, a learner is essentially benefitting from rich, multifaceted ‘one-on-one’ training. This allows for a deeper understanding of the course material, as learners engage with multiple ways of learning that encompasses video, audio, infographics and text. Through interactive quizzes and prompts, learners also engage with, and retain, the information more successfully.

The beauty of digital learning is that you can control the pace at which you learn. Struggling to grasp a concept? You can work through the module slowly. Want to recap a key point that the lecturer said? You can go back and listen to the clip. In this self-paced approach to training, learners can easily go back over the information they would like a clearer understanding of.

Through online learning, individuals can study anytime, anywhere on any device. This means that the learning doesn’t need to interfere with busy work days, but rather, employees can utilise gaps in their schedules or downtime to focus on learning. What’s ideal, is that digital learning can be engaged with while travelling. On a bus, train or plane, you can be studying.

While traditional, classroom-style employee education has its place, it does often result in precious working hours being lost as staff members are in group training during work hours. Online learning also cuts the costs associated with training rooms, facilitators, textbooks and printing out reams of course material.

Rather than businesses needing to invest in a one-size-fits-all approach to training, through online learning you can sign up to specialised courses that are ideal for the level that your employee is at, and the specific skills that he or she needs. Also, if you’ve signed up with a quality training provider, you will get individual responses to your queries. Induna Training prides itself on responding to every query from a student or client, which allows for in depth training tailored to your needs.

Overall, online learning presents a dynamic option for a business’ employees to upskill while doing so in an effective, flexible, cost-effective manner.

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