The Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria (TRIMING) Project aims to improve access to irrigation and drainage services and strengthen water resource management and agriculture service delivery in selected large-scale public schemes in Northern Nigeria. Induna’s Kevin Spence was called in to mentor the project’s Site Contract Coordinators. We interviewed Kevin to find out more.


  1. How did your involvement in World Bank’s TRIMING project com about?
    FIDIC were approached by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in Nigeria to recommend a suitably experienced engineer who could train approximately 20 of their engineers on the FIDIC Suite of Contracts. FIDIC referred us to the project, which resulted in our on-site involvement in December 2017.
  2. What aspects of the project were you consulting on?
    Following about 10 days of training, the delegates were required to be examined to assess their competencies. Thereafter, the top five delegates were chosen as Site Contract Coordinators (SCC) and seconded to the various contracts to be the eyes and ears of the Project Management Unit (PMU). We were appointed to mentor the selected candidates.
  3. What are some of the biggest construction and engineering challenges faced in this project? Over and above the technical requirements, one of the main focus areas of this project is dealing with the farmers affected by the irrigation schemes. Working with Contractors who have limited English communication skills can be problematic for the SCCs and Resident Engineers
  4. What were some of your highlights of the trip?
    Meeting and interacting with a highly skilled group, of African Engineers (mainly Nigerian), who were involved with the project.
  5. What were some of the key learnings from your work on the TRIMING project? Communication at all levels is vital for the success of any large project-also involvement of the local farming community was fundamental to the success.
  6. Will Induna be involved in the project going forward?
    A second mission will be undertaken later this year
  7. When is it scheduled to be completed?
    In 2021.