There are more opportunities than ever before for employee education in today’s world thanks to advances in online learning.

Arming your employees with new knowledge has become vital if you want to keep your business ahead of the pack. We at Induna Training are specialists in online learning and we believe that there are four key reasons why this form of training can effectively upskill your workforce.

Blended learning

Online learning is the perfect tool for boosting what is known as ‘blended learning. At its heart, blended learning is a form of education in which students learn not only via traditional face-to-face teaching but also through online or electronic means. It’s a style of learning that is hugely flexible, allowing students to grasp concepts in their own time and at their own pace. Struggling to grasp a concept? You can work through the module slowly. Want to recap a key point that the lecturer said? You can go back and listen to the clip. We at Induna utilise this method to help boost learning and have seen its benefits first-hand.  

Rich media

Making learning more engaging is another strong point of online learning. Online learning can utilise the likes of video, audio, infographics, text, quizzes and prompts in a way that makes retaining and understanding course material that much more effective. All of this can be done through a myriad of devices, whether it be a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. This multifaceted one-on-one approach further brings the training room to wherever the learner is situated, thereby driving flexibility.

Tailored personalisation

With online learning, your business also doesn’t have to use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to training. Thanks to the level of choice that online learning brings to the table, your staff can sign up to specialised courses that are ideal for the level that they are at as well as the specific skills that he or she needs. Also, if you’ve signed up with a quality training provider, you will get individual responses to your queries. Induna Training prides itself on responding to every query from a student or client, which allows for in-depth training tailored to your needs.


Classroom-style education can be a key component to learning in the workplace. But if your organisation is limited by busy working schedules and even budgets, you can lean more heavily on online learning. This, in turn, can help cut the costs associated with training rooms, facilitators, textbooks and printing out reams of course material.Overall, online learning presents a dynamic option for a business’ employees to upskill while doing so in an effective, flexible, cost-effective manner. Click here to view Induna’s online courses to find out more.