At Induna Training we offer professionals involved in the engineering, maintenance and construction disciplines on-going access to Continued Professional Development (CPD) through our short courses.

Our courses make it easy for anyone involved in the engineering, legal, construction or related professions to maintain their professional registration while at the same time staying abreast of developments and advancements within their respective fields of practice.

The Induna course are accredited through three professional bodies: CESA, the ASAQS and the SACPCMP.

Our online courses have also been recognised for CPD Accreditation.

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA)

As we provide the only FIDIC Accredited Trainer in South Africa and align ourselves to FIDIC, our courses are accredited through the Consulting Engineers of South Africa (CESA). CESA is an accrediting body for ECSA and the member organisation for FIDIC in South Africa.

CESA Accreditation Numbers
  • Comparing Construction Contracts CESA-879-06/2019
  • Contract Management and Administration CESA-803-12/2018
  • FIDIC Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects CESA-818-02/2019
  • FIDIC Module 1: A Practical Approach to FIDIC Contracts CESA-1024-05/2020
  • FIDIC Module 2: The Management of Claims and Resolution of Disputes under FIDIC Contracts CESA – 1490 – 08/2021
  • FIDIC Online – A Practical Approach to FIDIC Contracts CESA-1102-07/2020
  • NEC3: New Engineering Contract CESA-819-02/2019
  • NEC ECC Including NEC4 Changes CESA-1491-08/2021
  • Online Comparing Construction Contracts CESA-920-09/2019
  • The Implementation of the Model Services Agreement including the Role of the Engineer CESA-792-11/2018
  • Construction Claims Masterclass CESA-707 2016 /063
  • Construction Planning and Programming CESA-1206-10/2020
  • JBCC Principal Building Agreement and N/S Subcontract Agreement CESA-1411-04/2021
  • A One Day Introduction to the GCC 2015 Edition CESA-1492-08/2021

The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors

The ASAQS provides an environment in which professionals may learn, grow and work together to advance the techniques and science of quantity surveying. From its earliest beginnings, the Association has grown to include quantity surveying professionals from every area of the construction industry, including private practice, government and construction companies.

The following courses are accredited through the Association of Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS). The ASAQS acts as a verification agent for the SACQSP. This means those quantity surveyors needing to register with the SACQSP are eligible for CPD points through the ASAQS.


ASAQS Accreditation Numbers
  • Construction Claims Masterclass ASAQS CPD 2016/063
  • Construction Planning and Programming ASAQS CPD 2017/056 (P)
  • FIDIC Module 2:  The Management of Claims and Resolution of Disputes under FIDIC Contracts ASAQS CPD 2017/057 (P)
  • FIDIC Module 4:  The Management and Administration of FIDIC Contracts ASAQS CPD 2017/058 (P)
  • FIDIC Module 1 Online:  A Practical Approach to FIDIC Contracts ASAQS CPD 2017/054 (OL)
  • Comparing Construction Contracts Online ASAQS CPD 2017/020
  • JBCC Principal Building Agreement & N/S Subcontract Agreement: ASAQS CPD 2017/061 (P) 


Induna Training Services is fully accredited through the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA.

MERSETA Accretitation Number
  • 17-QA/ACC/1094/15


The South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP)

A Juristic person established by Section 2 of the Project and Construction Management Act (Act No 48 of 2000).

The SACPCMP was established to regulate Construction Management and Construction Project Management Professionals to protect the public.

SACPCMP Accreditation Numbers
  • A Practical Approach to FIDIC Contracts SACPCMP/CPD/17/020
  • Comparing Construction Contracts Online SACPCMP/CPD/17/018
  • JBCC Suite of Contracts SACPCMP/CPD/17/019
  • FIDIC Module 2:  The Management of Claims and Resolution of Disputes Under FIDIC Contracts – SACPCMP/CPD/18/004
  • FIDIC Module 4:  The Management and Administration of FIDIC Contracts – SACPCMP/CPD/18/003
  • NEC3: The New Engineering Contract – SACPCMP/CPD/18/006
  • Construction Planning and Programming – SACPCMP/CPD/18/014
  • FIDIC Module 1 Online – SACPCMP/19/009