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FIDIC Short Form Contract: The Green Book

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Course Overview

The FIDIC Short Form
Contract (The Green Book) was drafted as a minor works contract to complement
the other standard forms in the FIDIC Suite of contracts. Initially the
Contract was drafted for simple works with a value of less than USD 500,000,
however the contract has subsequently evolved and now is used for non-complex
works regardless of the project value.
As the name suggest the Short Form contract is much briefer than the more
detailed Red and Yellow Books with only 15 Clauses.
This one-day workshop will start with an introduction to FIDIC Contracts.  Delegates will learn about the parties and
role players under the Short Form Contract.

Important topics
such as Variations and Claims; Default, Payment and Taking Over will be
discussed in detail.

Mention will also be
made of the key differences between the FIDIC Construction Contract and Short
Form Contract.