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Course Overview

This FIDIC E-Learning course is based on the two day FIDIC Module 1 course: A Practical Approach to FIDIC Contracts. This course concentrates on the FIDIC Red Book and FIDIC Yellow Book Contracts although mention is made of the other forms of contract which comprise the Rainbow Suite of Contracts.

In this interactive online training course you will learn to choose the appropriate form of contract for your project and the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract are dealt with.

It examines the roles of both the Employer and the Engineer and highlights the essential differences between the various contract documents.

The responsibility for design is dealt with and a substantial amount of time is devoted to the issue of Extensions of Time, Variations and Certification.

Dispute resolution under the FIDIC Contracts is highlighted and the issues of notices, claims and time bars are discussed in detail.

The course covers the following major sections and is divided up into a number of logical modules.

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Signatories and Parties to the Contract
  • Responsibilities of the Main Parties
  • Management of Projects
  • Financial Procedures
  • Suspension and Termination
  • Risk, Liability and Force Majeure
  • Claims, Disputes and Arbitration


This self-paced CPD Accredited online course is delivered in a digital and innovative manner, applying e-learning best practice. Delegates are able to complete this course in their own time, avoiding lengthy absences from the workplace. Case studies and quizzes are used throughout the course to ensure delegates achieve the best outcomes possible. Competency is assessed through analytics and reporting tools.

Those who register for the course will receive comprehensive training material as well as a hard copy of the FIDIC Red or Yellow Book and CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion.

Delegates have access to FIDIC Accredited Trainer, Kevin Spence through discussion forums and quarterly Workshops.