A Practical Approach to FIDIC Contracts (2017 Editions)

Date: 20-21 February 2024
Venue: Face to Face: Sandton, Johannesburg | Webinar: Online
Facilitator:Dr Tanya Hendry


Course Includes:

  • Soft copy of presentation
  • Soft copy of case studies
  • Original FIDIC RED or YELLOW Book
  • Hard copy of the presentation and training material (within South Africa) (training material will be couriered at an additional R1000 outside South Africa)
  • CPD accredited certificate on completion of the workshop
  • Final assessment to determine delegates understanding of course outcomes

Includes an original FIDIC Contract Document 

Validation Numbers: CESA-2133-02/2026

Includes an original copy of the FIDIC Red or yellow document.

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A Practical Approach to FIDIC Contracts (2017 Editions) 

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In the dynamic landscape of construction contracting, staying abreast of industry standards and evolving practices is paramount. The Induna FIDIC Introductory Workshop, facilitated by renowned FIDIC Expert Kevin Spence or Dr Tanya Hendry is designed to empower professionals with an in-depth understanding of the newly released 2017 versions of the FIDIC RED and Yellow Book Contracts.

Key Highlights:

  1. In-Depth Analysis of Changes: Delve into the substantial modifications introduced in the 2017 additions, navigating through the intricacies of expanded contract documents and gaining insights into the enhanced rules for construction contracts.
  2. Role Transformation: Explore the transformed roles of the Engineer, advancements in quality management, and reciprocal obligations. Understand the nuances of the revamped claims procedure, providing a comprehensive view of the contractual landscape.
  3. Detailed Examination of New Clauses: Navigate through the intricacies of the new clauses, dissecting the roles of the Employer and the Engineer. Identify essential differences between various contract documents and explore the responsibilities for design. Dedicate substantial time to extensions of time, variations, and certification.
  4. Workshop Structure: Our course structure combines high-level overviews with detailed examinations of new clauses. Real-life case studies and group discussions ensure practical application, fostering a deep understanding of the FIDIC philosophy and changes in the Suite of Contracts.

Course Modules:

  • FIDIC Golden Principles: Uncover the guiding principles that underpin FIDIC contracts, offering a foundational understanding of contractual dynamics.
  • Selecting the Appropriate Contract: Navigate through the process of choosing the most suitable contract and essential differences based on project requirements and industry best practices.
  • Responsibilities of Main Parties: Analyse the roles of the Employer, Contractor and the Engineer.
  • The Management of Projects: Gain insights into effective project management, including the handling of Design, The Programme, Commencement, Tests, Defects, Taking-Over, Delay and Suspension.
  • Financial Procedures: Understand financial aspects, including Contract Price, Payment, and Variations
  • Suspension and Termination.  Understand the process of and the critical aspects of Suspension and Termination.
  • Care of the Works
  • Claims, Disputes, and Arbitration: Highlight the importance of effective dispute resolution under FIDIC Contracts. Explore issues related to notices, claims, and time bars.

Benefits of the Workshop:

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: Walk away with a thorough grasp of crucial aspects, including signatories and parties to the contract, selecting the appropriate contract, general provisions, project management, financial procedures, variations, suspension and termination, and the intricacies of claims, disputes, and arbitration.
  2. Expert Facilitators: Learn from industry experts and professionals with extensive experience in FIDIC contracts, ensuring that you receive practical insights and real-world applications.
  3. Interactive Learning Experience: Engage in a dynamic learning environment with interactive discussions, case studies, and group activities to reinforce your understanding of FIDIC philosophy and the latest changes in the FIDIC Suite of Contracts.

Course Completion: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will emerge with a sound understanding of:

  • The FIDIC Golden Principles.
  • Signatories and Parties to the Contract.
  • Selecting the Appropriate Contract.
  • Responsibilities of the Main Parties.
  • General Provisions.
  • The Management of Projects.
  • Financial Procedures.
  • Variations and Contract Price.
  • Suspension and Termination.
  • Claims, Disputes, and Arbitration.

By the end of this workshop, you will emerge equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of FIDIC contracts, making informed decisions and contributing to successful project outcomes.