Contract Law

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This one day workshop is facilitated by Scott Hewlett and provides a basic overview of the law of contract in South Africa. Topics that will be discussed include the formation of a valid contract, the contents of a contract, breach of contract and the remedies available to parties suffering the consequences of a breach. The workshop will also cover areas of contract law that are particularly relevant to the construction environment such as letters of intent, unsigned contracts and penalty clauses.

Includes post workshop Assessments and case studies for the year as well as access to dispute resolution experts.

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Course Outline


Module 1: Formation of a Contract

  • What is a contract?
  • What are the requirements for a valid contract?
  • Issues particularly relevant to the construction environment:
    • Letters of intent
    • Unsigned contracts


Module 2: Contents of a Contract

  • Contract documents
  • Classification of the terms of the contract
  • The correct way to interpret of contracts in light of recent decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Rectification of contracts that due not truly record the agreement between the parties
  • Issues particularly relevant to the construction environment:
    • Standard form contracts versus bespoke contracts


Module 3: Performance

  • Instances in which parties are excused from performance (eg: vagueness, illegality, lack of consensus)
  • How to handle mistakes in a contract’s terms


Module 4: Breach

  • The forms of breach
  • Issues particularly relevant to the construction environment:
    • “Time is of the essence”


Module 5: Remedies for breach

  • The remedies available to the injured party
  • Issues particularly relevant to the construction environment:
    • Mitigation of damages
    • Penalty clauses

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