FIDIC Claims and Dispute Resolution

This course is currently offered as an in-house course only.

Includes post workshop FIDIC Accredited Assessments and case studies for the year as well as access to Accredited FIDIC Trainer and dispute resolution expert.






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The Construction Industry has a reputation for disputes and conflict. For example almost 50% of all legal costs incurred in construction projects are associated with disputes. In 10% of all projects ca. 10% of the total project cost was legal cost.

Disputes and conflict on a project can hinder its efficiency greatly. An ineffective dispute resolution process can result in the breakdown of relationships between parties, a delay on the project leading to claims, frustration and irritation and de-motivation by those working on the project. Conflict often arises due to misunderstandings and differing interpretations of the contract. Greyzones, interfaces and language problems often are the reasons conflict arises.

The resolution of disputes is always a contentious issue in contracts-whether to use Mediation, Adjudication, Arbitration or even litigation!

This 1 day intensive course looks at Dispute Avoidance as well as Dispute Resolution as contemplated in the 1999 rainbow Suite of FIDIC Contracts. It introduces the delegates to Dispute Review Boards (DRB’s) as well as the Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) as prescribed in the FIDIC Red, Yellow, Silver and Gold contracts.

The ICC Rules for Dispute Resolution are also discussed for those delegates who may be working out of South Africa and where these rules are prescribed.

The presenter will highlight the advantages of Adjudication as well as addressing the misconceptions that are still prevalent in the South African Construction Industry. True life experiences are used to amplify the very informative presentations and interesting case studies are used to illustrate the most important facets of the Dispute Resolution Process.

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Learning Outcomes

• A thorough understanding of the Dispute process in FIDIC contracts
• Appointing members of the Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB)
• Dispute avoidance techniques

Who Should Attend

This interactive course comprises of approximately 7 hours of intensive tuition and should be of significant interest to all Built Environment Professionals (Engineers, Architects, Project Managers, and Quantity Surveyors) as well as the legal fraternity.

Cancellations and Transfers

• Cancellations by delegates must be made in writing and received two weeks before the seminar. It is regretted that no refunds will be made or invoices cancelled after this date and full registration fee will be payable. Substitutions may be made at any time.
• We reserve the right to cancel the event if it is under subscribed or for any other reason. In the event of cancellation we will endeavour to give delegates two weeks’ notice and the fee will be refunded in full. We cannot be held liable for any pre booked travel or accommodation costs.

Course Overview

• It highlights the FIDIC multi-stage approach to Dispute Resolution and introduces delegates to the 65% Rule. The course highlights the concept of dispute Avoidance rather than Dispute Resolution
• The differences and similarities of the different forms of Dispute Resolution are discussed in detail
• Dispute Review Boards
• Dispute Adjudication Boards (DAB’s)
• The ICC Approach to Dispute Resolution
• Conciliation; Mediation and Arbitration
• The differences between Standing DAB’s and Ad-Hoc DAB’s and their advantages and costs